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The Bay Area Foot and Ankle Associates began in 2001 by Dr. John W. Scivally. Dr. Scivally took over a fledgling podiatry John_picpractice in Walnut Creek, CA for a retiring podiatrist. Dr. Scivally used his grass-roots blue-collar mentality and put it into creating a successfull medical business. He built this practice with dedication, sacrifice and hard work. Dr. Scivally performed lectures and conducted free clinics to show the community he was serious about providing excellent foot and ankle care to everyone. After earning respect and accolades from patients, colleagues and the entire medical profession, and even after the practice continues to to grow, Dr. Scivally continues to provide lectures and free clinics. In 2006, Dr. Scivally expanded his practice to the John Muir Health Outpatient Building in Brentwood, CA to provide more access to the residents of East County. This has been a great success for not only the Bay Area Foot and Ankle Associates, but also for John Muir Health in Brentwood.  Even with the expansions and additions and unparalleled success of the Bay Area Foot and Ankle Associates, Dr. Scivally still adheres to his philosophy of sacrifice and hard work and still provides free medical care for people who may not be as fortunate.




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